A 3 Point Strategy Of Spatial Research & Random Word Production

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The Greatest Story Ever Told and retold; over and over and over again.  Is the story of all human creature’s, roaming the planet, need for salvation through faith in the names of God, Mary or Jesus and others, elsewhere.  Like a bestseller, from long ago, the resulting Spirit of the Word(s), bears fruit for eternity.  Brands of faith in worship, popped up everywhere, like a miracle, all across the land.  Created a defined community system, where there wasn’t one yet?

How do we investigate, in the year after 2020, this mess in America, and presumably around the globe of Earth.  No one knows what may or may not be happening on the Moon, Venus or Mars.  Do aliens enjoy actual, actionable, inalienable rights in other parts of creation?

All we know, I know, is what we hear and see, witness or observe.  Are we reporting involuntarily like breathing or is it free will to call on Love for help, with what we see happening?  Something, sorta like, what we think, Jesus did so long ago, in the stories, may have just happened?  By the hand of God?  Right before our eyes the end times are always happening?

There is a slippery slope, a sudden drop-off, from the underwater mountain path, along the ridge.  After you’ve waded in so far; you won’t consider turning back an option.  Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding are friends with Truth?  How well do they know Love for God?  

Everyday there is an opportunity to know more about Love, in what we have agreed to call the universe.  We have an expectation, between us, that colors match the shared observations and words mean what they say.

Here is where we can begin, like children, coming too, in America, just out of Kindergarten, summa cum laude.  To unravel the Mystery of the Gospel(s) and turmoil from constant strife over politics and economics, racial and gender, status rights and Golden Calves and Eagles with Flags.

  1. What was happening when Jesus’ story unfolded?
  2. Why is the Word, Turd, an issue?
  3. How do we break the spell of religious, beholden, piety and expose, cleromancy, being used as a weapon, against us and our neighbors?

At some point it becomes sincerely ridiculous.  This contention for faith, in America, of God and the honor and respect demanded from the groups of churches and community organizations, with budgets like sub community governments.  City, State and Federal servants for God can’t even work this out for gobs of money and other weapons and tools, staff and resources; at their disposal.

Blasphemy is real or not?

All snakes or serpents were called to service?  How many coats were redistributed!?  Wolves lurk about and howl and the moon?  What is the fruit of their Spirit in the world?  Jesus jumped off his donkey, ran like hell and threw a holy fit, about what was happening in the temple?  Were they not worshipping God right?

The illusions dissipate, as you dig deeper you have to take a wider scope, on the array of subjects involved.  What is a crazy God follower?  What are sins of the Father and what roots need to be dug up, to get to the heart of the matters, between us all?

Kids ask the darndest questions… No filter in the matter, just the incessant questions.  Nagging for resolution.  Once you get hooked, on any tangible or intangible thing, it’s addicting.  A hunger and thirst for Truth, is the pursuit of quenching the Fire down below, led by the Spirit.  Attempting to reach equilibrium within all the members of the body.

Our political, religious and economic systems are all interrelated, colluding, on many levels, for our mutual faith, in what we are doing is good ultimately.  Even with the warts and obvious unjustness of the reality of what is being done with our shared resources.  Don’t say a word about the bigger problems, unless you find a mob to join.  Requirements to adopt faith, should be an obvious sign for man and woman.  Kids are not fully aware yet.  Shouldn’t be led to any particular well.  The Bible says justly share what you have, been given, taken; be honest about it.  Don’t mislead the kids is a huuge part of the story.  What is piety all about?  What is the word, justification, used for?

If we are to break free of the chains of the words, American, Democracy and Trust In God; we must be contrite about the app le pies and what we must do now to get right or straight, headed in the right direction.  Or we keep doing this over and over til we do or don’t next time?  It’s all done by faith in Mercy by Grace for time to figure it out, before we end up in Hell or perish, if you do not accept Jesus, now?  Still?  No new covenant to be made?  Just questions, that’s all we have; until we all relent to Truth, individually, about the whole messy layered enchilada.

Meanwhile… lets really join together and try to retool the tax and economic systems.  Address the generational sins of the politics of all of our fathers.  For subsidies to favor this or that state or industries, all for profits.  Can we actually pursue the ideals we pledged the kids to?  You remember Freedom and Liberty, enough bounty for everyone to live, laugh and love.

Would removing tax breaks for charity groups and the tithes paid for church support, in America, do many, of the vast number, of God’s churches in; in America?  What if we simply consolidated the cost of worship centers, centralised the distribution of expectations for benefits, like an Insurance or Education System would to save or reduce the cost burdens on all We The People?  Could the Nation provide tithing for religious benefits for all.  The Vatican might be agreeable, now that the time has come, to administer our sense of definitions of religious faith for merits of service and rewards of life and living.

Just Illusions to consider.

Stand back and stand by.  You’re the man on the moon.  What would you do if you could do anything?  Roots are hard to dig up, throw in the fire.  Many have come before us and left nest eggs and stumbling blocks.  We can overcome them, they were good to tell us.

If this isn’t all a shared experience, for some greater cause of reason beyond anything we could possibly fathom, in this condition; It may be a harsh reality for some and not so harsh for others, fairly or unjustly by Gods invisible hand?  Why is there any talk about gross profits, infrastructure system failures and individual spiritual condemnation in existence in the year 6770 or 2021? Whichever Calendar you subscribe to.  

In conclusion of our brief investigation, it seems, Jesus was right about us not knowing what we are doing, casting lots and cleromancy.  Paul’s advocate is none too happy about it all, I imagine.

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