ABC’s of V vs P in lieu of G?

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Verily, verily… Prepare it ALL for the next generation; to come save your ass, or don’t it don’t really seem to matter. Is that the gest and jest of what is in our canons, myths, bible stories, documentaries & historical canals? Is there an end times? Kids do want to know… bout about the Bible. Start asking questions; incessantly. Some may not like it. The implications… of intellectual dishonesty. Against our Lords given of God.

Historical Contexts

“Stricken with considerations adrift a deluge of incessant formations of water, like mud and spit spun together, out of our mouths and spirits to permeate in our ears and nose and eyes.”

GA – #AllWordsMatterEvenTooT

The ultimate conundrum for adults; might be simple for children to comprehend, when they are impressionable. What does it mean to be wise as a serpent? Servant or slave are ye or your neighbor? How do we deal with what is important to all of us? Everything… All at once? Come together with the Truth about our shared roots of Evil or focus on Love. Either way we end up at the same X, marks the, place we dig, with a free shovel, Unfathomable Unknowable, gave US ALL, to meet up at. I wonder if it was to replace the enmity God gave us in the Bible. You know… In The Beginning…


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