Love Corrections

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Investigating our shared natural history, as it is and not, just, as it is, disseminated for profits; Is the challenge we all face together. Jesus tried to make us aware, the character in the story. Come to terms with the confusion, to help others overcome deception, about Gods Love coming through the Lord.

Double-minded or fully convinced either way? Have you melded yet? In your Spirit? Do you know what your selling kids? What flavor it is, really? You can’t even be honest about the data metrics or barometer readings. We all feel the temps. Have different feathers, sweaters & coats. Some glory in another’s, some prey on Love for better. Find Goliath in the way of God? Does D stand for Demon or Dust? We will all get into the Golden Calf in a bit.

The most notable missed que is the idea of Hell and the diddy bout testing and trying the spirits. Can you test and try God? Who will judge God, for Love to make impossible corrections?

There are many other missed Ques we all missed for decades. Don’t be critical. Someone has to dredge into the middle up to his/her/them nose. You testified you knew this already, if you follow your pastor, priest, lawyers advice, 4 out of 3 doctors recommend Truth and Jesus for Gods sake. What about Satan? The whole church among the many? In the middle of your list! Established by God for Gods purpose. Which we find later is a sick pleasure. Only Love for Truth can fix… Our neighbor is Truth.

It’s a fine line we draw for others to walk.

We rightly separated Church from The State? What about Federally? You see they use the Truth just enough to make it work to make Lemonade. Like We the people do. It is not superior to the nectar of the Spirit. We actually had to be conditioned to like enduring it. Have we lost a taste for something or are we gaining senses? Awareness of Love? It was part of the story…

Did I point out and disclaim loudly enough? I AM is guilty to? We all share this mess equally. That’s the inference you were supposed to get seeking with your pure heart. The Demons know what they are doing. It’s us, Jesus said, that do not know what ‘they’ are doing.

This more than a cartoon?

If a pastor, deacon, follower, server is deceived or confused or not even… And multiplies that ‘faith by hearing’ thing over decades, overnight, through multiple, fare warring sources; he/she would be a Reality Winner. By your laws. It’s proven now. You can’t deny it, all a party to it. Not one is not guilty and therefore have rights to Contriteness. Claim your salvation! Get on with it, we are all learning about this mess, coming to know Love is alive in the universe and how to clean our ass end up.

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