The Poop’n Pee Of Activated Sparrows; Dusted With Charcoal.

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A series of randomly strategized Gaffes Poo, Sparrow Tweets & Golden Pee… Ps. Arrows For your pleasure of Love and Truth in America. Questions & statements to stoke, poke and stroke; which ever Love chooses, when ever Truth decides. Light up Love for Gods sake! Jesus! They just don’t know what they are doing! To themselves… Can’t evenly remind all of them. Scatter the Word… like birds. With a shotgun attached to Yosemite Sam… chasing Felix the Cat… Never mind… they found three pigs and Goldilocks hairy mess. Warts and all… dynamically, continues to dig, fester and grow, for an effect, akin to healing.

Insurance, health care and our education systems, free of mans corrupt hands, should be made readily available to We the people… Love creates when they need it. Are you born of the Spirit? Withhold anything for profit? Your strategy for what?
Are we preparing for the return of others and The Christ? A child keeps ask’n… WTF!? Is this American Dream thing… Love in the universe reaching for me?

Were Push ‘n Pull… halves or step-brothers? Will anyone tell kids the truth; they just don’t know… Jack, Jill or John. Raggedy heard about Jesus, in America, and what happened with God in the canals of our history… For the sake of Love and prosperity.

Love Never Fails. The moral of all the stories from East to West, North to South? Right to Left… Up, in, by & through… The seat of our Arce. Search the Word. Who knows what… Do not mislead children. Love is King. Prove me wrong.

Like Friedrich Nietzsche? Proclaiming or declaring? Shouting Truth, as we know it, not just want it to be… To gain a piece… or all of the World. #RandiBarbs What’s golden bout our rules? A kid is ask’n in America… Came out of the sea; Chaplin.

George Washington reminded or still warning us about Invisible hands? Honest Abe, spit’n nails, posting warning, like Blue’s Clues for Dora; 4 Score and 7 years ago, they didn’t really listen either. Reproofed and Double Knotted the Noose. For our ultimate profit?

Join the fight! Re-Enroll in Kindergarten today! A course offered in the Hard Knock School of Reality and Truth about Life with God and Love. For the Lords sake, now. #WildHairyLovePromos

Continuing Education For Me, Myself and I; on planet earth. My Mom puts the H in Hearth. Our Principle, teacher… and your comforter and lover! Can I minister to you? You think you know that Word?

The barber is the “one who shaves all those, and those only, who do not shave themselves”. The question is, does the barber shave himself?[1] Barber Paradox

Only Love can prosper in the universe… Love endures and perseveres; kindly ask’n. A child for help with the adults by and of Love. It’s hairy fellas… Only a spirit of contriteness wills. And can will to wade through the red sea, up to a nose, above the chin.

Can you say honestly? You got fired, by Don, for peeing on the golden arches? Inside joke. Is that fair? Like insider trading & inter-breeding? A child in America, got message from another on the otherside of the World, We all ask’n. Hear the harmonies in the universe… Wake up Mom! Dad gone beserk! Lord is bound up too! Viva Love!

P.S. Snake oil ink… lasts for eternity in the soil.*

*This may need further citing.

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