I can handle it… gemmy some more… double dose this time… of pure truth… about the riches in heaven.

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Do not mislead kids.

With Mistletoe or bs about society, money and politics to protect your sector of the garden… quid pro quo agendas over Love. Bribery… for the kids.

Mind blow’n yet? Heart, back and neck broke? You can read that another way without a misplaced comma. Don’t tell me God bless the USA… Call on Love and the Spirit of Truth from our Bibles and Books! For Love for ALL OF CREATION. Get your mind right so your heart will follow. Admonishment and best practice; it’s documented, in the Bible and Book your name is written in.

What is Love and the moral of the stories in the books that compile the bible we love and hold dear. So much so, some Moms, will hit you over the head with it.

Roust you out of bed and make you go worship. What day is it? Are you watchful and aware of others, best, practices.

Boil it down and the only thing you can tell people, to stand back and stand by for, is kids.

Read all the proverbs and climb your mountain. Anything but dig a root up you, and your neighbor, collude to love. Impose yourself on the kids… Eat that low hanging fruit.

Retirement benefits and subsidies for industrious endeavors ordained by God. Bailouts and Tax breaks for an act of faith and God? How silly are you and them? The bible alludes to many ideas, to consider, with a pure heart. Your diligently look’n for the treasure; the least among us… to wash their feet. I do wanna believe you. But you seem to wait till winter when its cold.

You holy cow crazy for being nun so contrite while you worship, God… in a HVAC’d building, even in the end times.

Love stands back and stands by, crying over you, them and him. #metoo

Why is it hard to relent and be honest. Bible churches are like schools and people are susceptible to learned thinking and behavior. Charlie Manson. Confusion and deception is like doubt and betrayal manifesting in a church that walks and talks with two temples. 3 crosses with sirens and an immaculate birth you’ll have to take someone’s word about. Have their faith, by hearing.

They always whisper at some point… “they are babes, don’t know what they are doing,” in your ear. Aaron warned you… staffs become snakes. I’m reminding you. Just, so we are, not unjustly, clear and concise, when the time comes.

How easy it is to learn to sing and dance… it feels good too! Some get paid spreading a gospel and enjoy their life of glory. Suffering is the same yesterday and today… what about tomorrow? Can we bury our head? Ignore the dead, they tend to the dead. These are words we feed our children… Pleadging Allegiance to God for the sake of America, not all of creation. Author’s note: I make up new words and register them with the universe in real-time. It’s legal. ©Hindsight2020

When you start debating about negating and then move on to disparaging… I think your wrong and may be misleading children.

Politics and economy are important, not frivolous. You can’t lie and hide in the garden, from Love.

Eventually Love sends a child, back through, to kick your ass.

What is the problem between US in A?

We can say we have borders, but it ain’t true. I won’t believe your lie, even with artificial reality and props. Seasons change and BAM look at our vast historical record. Big Bang 6770 and Hindsight Evolution 2020 are A Childlike Commotion Production… released in 2021, Premiers on Valentine’s Day.

You can collude and enforce it. But it don’t mean, even by majority, self reproofed divine rights, for God or gods plan for righteousness, is right and should be considered best practice. Seek the truth with a pure heart, escaped you, I guess. Do not think yourself any higher than you ought. Pick your nose and choose you scripture. Highlight the ones your pastor leads you to. Rid your self of strife and derision… confusion and deception. Don’t doubt or betray God ever… Even for Love?

A Child, throwing a fit in America, wants to know.

A Child in America, grew up…

Sell all your beholden too!

Tithe to the church, protect Mary and the baby, by giving us your first fruits. Never mind you still see suffering, whisper ambiguous statements, to your neighbor, bring them to church, enjoy this glory. Your a fool if you think this and that; hang with that crowd. Be conservative. (kənˈ sərvə div) Love words and correction. Search what a tive is… you know what a con is. What is a rainbow of lies? What do Red and Blue Lies mean? Love made it easy these days to seek and find… truth.

Come in… to the den… Let’s talk about your future in America.

Stand on 5th Ave & Main Street and put this blindfold on.

Get on this Rhino dressed as a Donkey. Take down an Elephant, slaughter the 3 piggies inside, save the whale and horse.

Hang on tight for four to eight and don’t let go, no matter what. Every 4-8 years. It took me 20 years + another 20 for 40, to come to revelations. Wondering around, foolishly, with one eye open, at a time, thirsty and hungry, spiritually, for reality to concede to God. Trying all I could to help that stubborn ass. I stuck it out, committed to ride, even unto hell. Love created my landscape, I fear nothing.

You loyal?

Children are watching and are wiser now than parents. In this time and era.

What is faith?

An arguable topic… Let’s dish… dance and duel.

Warned so many times and in such masterful ways it’s hard to deny… when your in the mercy seat.

What do you believe?

God or Love? Cause we caused kids… to pledge allegiance to God and look what we got for all the investment. Your damn lucky… not wise and sit’n by; trusting faith in the results of your works… Love uses all things for our collective good. Gives it to the kids for Christmas.

Nice test and try!

Your still gonna clean up the mess and learn a lesson. We can collude and make up a whole new creature of life, politics and economy, between us… tear down walls, we keep trying to put up. Left & right my love… watchful and aware of it all… We the people run this show, can’t comprehend that fact, checked and real.

How in Gods name? Contrast that with Love. Good vibes, talent and focused purposeful awareness… not misled. Or sharing in someone else’s glory, ignoring the suffering or worse participating in glorifying, a system for ill gotten gains. From, by and through, We the people. Left & right! Leaning into our own understanding…

*Yeah… it’s a messy problem… Not everyone can comprehend. And most tend to ignore. The rest you see on TV.

I tweet and poop… fly around, observing, documenting and commenting.

I do charge 5 dollars for my 2 cents. Think I AM worth it. Talented and profitable for Loves pursuit of God, Country and Man. I didn’t get a gun issued to me. I got a cannon.

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