Contrite means what?

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The 6th sense is hell… I feel all of your concerns, don’t you feel mine?

Houston, We the people have a problem…

Ge’ezɡɨʕɨz] (listen) or Geëz

As a young goat I just didn’t know… but I sensed it.

My neighbors door was cracked open. I saw it.

I was told to be quiet. A whisper in my ear. Made me do it.

Can you overcome Love, loving your neighbor?

In North America? The Spirit comes back to life to save the day.

At some point the truth comes out… it was in 2020, that hindsight came out.

Valentines Day is just around the corner.

You want diamonds this year, sssh, Santa told me.

It’s still 6770. Now that it is 2021 AD…



What in God’s Name are you all doing!?

Blaspheme… is a Word.

Do your own Word searches… or don’t find your key to the Kingdom.

Contriteness… a word in the dictionaries, bibles and other transliterations, we all hold dear or don’t.

Elbib S. Inew 6770

Only for the curious… 7 senses maybe 8.

“Are you being Admonished too?”

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