Remember Covfefe

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Did you forget?

Think I would forget?

Waited to remind you, almost forgot about #TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE!

*A graceful person reached out and reminded me… like in the Quran. It wasn’t like salt in a wound.

Jesus said remember… WHAT!?

Left and Right.

Invisible hands, George reminded us about.

Good deeds do not go unpunished?

Murphy made up the laws of the universe.

Knocked off the seat, of an ass.

Your still breathing, delirious.

Stars come to bout. Blinding lights and bling. A ring.

Ding, ding… roundabout to start.

Universe speaks to us, however, the hell it wants.

Who, I heard knocks, in an alien or foreign language.


Who is crazy?

Who is Snot?

Do you really believe anything is possible?

Forced God in America. Captain America couldn’t stop. Tools from the Master of the Universe toolbox.

Hulk Up!

God’s pleasure. Wonder Woman.

My salvation. Ironman?

Love is…

Yours too! Good News!

Unmerited favor, for the taking!

Avoid the sticks, bees and thorns… your free to smell the roses all you want!

Warning: DO NOT EAT or Feed the Boars, Bulls and Bears.

Cleave, Weaver and Heave N’Hoes reported, from experience, that pitchforks work best.

Pet the Dinosaurs. Ride the Dragons. Save the Princess.

Wink when you bow… Avoid drooling.

Firm grip when you shake the Masters’ Hand.


When you get a grip.

You already forgot about…

#Covfefe the gaffee…

Love from the universe… proof of life.

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