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I believe… we know…

How many, many is.

In our perfected forms.

In this form of thing… Some of We the people are peaceful savagesss… Sing, drum and dance… Calling out Love.

You still stiff-necked and stubborn.

About being fools for Love. Of Voting. Wont let go… Try something new.

About to be wicked and lit up, for Christmas. Annointed with Pure Love.

Cast your lot… Write your list… Count it twice.

What are your wishes or grievances this year? Hindsight being 2020… I’m just looking for proof of dream life in America.



The redeemed ruler of this world, Love said so.

*I have proof… your still alive.

Morgan Bible A contribution for the babes and kids? Tribute and collateral.

Kids, bulls, boars and bears run Wild in the streets… Did we get ahead of them? Show them we do Love, them, too. They expect a garden of Eden like experience, not virtual reality. No thank you… next, better ideas please.

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