The Basis For Faith In God So Loved The World… Past Tense?

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Again, I draw attention to the disconnect of the Word and it’s meaning; and reality, laid out, like a circus of animals, before us. God did mention, something about, not going before us anymore. He retired and now we work’n; to save his mistress, our shared Mother, Mary Of Mercy for Mutt’s Butt’s and A bet’s?

I love the history and reproofing that leads to revelations, that found me yearning for more. I gave, some versions, more than one star. When I wanted to give up, rather than give in, to belief; strive forward in faith, anything is possible. Even that, I can justly grab for, your Parallel Universal Consciousness and a Spirit of Truth, about DiaNA exist. Will you argue that Grace, Effectiveness, Righteousness and Mercy, by your displayed faith, do not exist, as Spirits of LOVE?

Jacobus van Meteren

In 1877 Henry Stevens, in his catalogue of the Caxton Exhibition, pointed out a statement by a certain Simeon Ruytinck in his life of Emanuel van Meteren, appended to the latter’s Nederlandische Historic (16,4), that Jacob van Meteren, the father of Emanuel, had manifested great zeal in producing at Antwerp a translation of the Bible into English, and had employed for that purpose a certain learned scholar named Miles Conerdale (sic).In 1884 further evidence was adduced by W. J. C. Moens, who reprinted an affidavit signed by Emanuel van Meteren, 28 May 1609, to the effect that “he was brought to England anno 1550 . . . by his father, a furtherer of reformed religion, and he that caused the first Bible at his costes to be Englisshed by Mr Myles Coverdal in Andwarp, the w’h his father, with Mr Edward Whytchurch, printed both in Paris and London” (Registers of the Dutch Reformed Church, Austin Friars, 1884, p. xiv).

Myles Coverdale


(/ˈhjuːɡənɒts/ HEW-gə-notsalso UK/-noʊz/ -⁠nohzFrench: [yɡ(ə)no]) were a religious group of French Protestants.

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