Tempered By Truth

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  • What is true profit?  The scriptures, we share, speak of prophets, that deserve honor for simply following and hearing God speak to them. Even accredited them with righteousness for believing.  God or an Angel of the Lord chose to speak to them, for certain, cause of important reasons, and most likely will not speak directly […]
  • Something registered, while reading the Bible Scripturas, from long ago, when I was young, stubborn, dumb and/or stiff-necked and foolish, however, anyone would want to review it. How wicked could any of us possibly be? Took me a good 40 to get to the meat, behind the nipple. Looking for gravy, I almost drowned in […]
  • I wonder if we could all come to an agreement that our understanding of God is ambiguous? Alluring; at it’s best, it’s alive in our spirit. The ideal God we pledged to serve under the Sun and Flag of Allegiance to seek dreams of profit & accept loss of accountability. Who gets all e gain […]
  • “I AM… all things to all people.” Make everything possible…Your wish, is not Loves’ command. Someone documented in the past, through the Bible, the idea that God is doing something so that we each may believe and come to know The One True God.  For the purpose of saving us all from perishing and taxing. […]
  • #BarbedArrows Kids and babes… flocks follow… Leaders or Love. Get to know how to discern the difference. Don’t mislead kids. I was thrown back into the sea, at least once; how about you? Let’s get to the heart of confusion and deception. Doubt and betrayal. Learned behavior… to stoke sociopolitical fires for their leaders desires […]
  • #RandiBows and #BarbedArrows Just dropped in… #WildHairyLovePromos A comment on the condition our condition is in… Truth is you, I, nor your neighbor know what all he has had a hand in… I say that boldly. Who leveraged and sold visas to china first thing out the gate with the keys; to your Kingdom? George […]
  • Him and Word… Prey like animals for Love, The Spirit Of Truth, to set us all free! Protect and preserve Love; babe. All Of Creation. Word was way before the Bible… Him is a pronoun; Love created through the Words, we use. Remember lent, knees and busy bees… A Tower of Babel atop a mountain, […]
  • It’s Love in the fabric of the universe. I discovered it. Named it Love in another life cycle. Your truth will set you free. Love will know… what you need. When it’s time for slaughter, in our books. Preserve Truth… Pre Served By God through Jesus, Allah and Buddha. J. A. B. or maybe Confucius […]
  • Blowing off some steam… just enough for a facial. Our knowledge or faith of Love is in our bones… God said so, Jesus confirmed. Others have testified. Some by mail-in affidavits. As you can see clearly now, under this American flag of allegiances; God is, or has become, an ambiguous, enough, version of Love to […]
  • “You analyze the Earth and the Sky; Tell me, why you can’t analyze the signs of these present times?” -Jesus Christ. A Deluge of Information… Hunker down, focus on this. Carat and bling… BAM! Blind eye; this and that. Turn a cheek, now, spew and spit. Evil. Livy Wicked. With Oil… Matches please. All we […]

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