Fully Convinced

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“as you propose”

The Judeo-Christian Bible, Jewish and Christian Faiths, reveals an idealism that the Lord God Almighty is no longer, going before us, cleaning up briars and thorns, burning bushes, for us; anymore. Made a few remarks about the Fat and Blood are staked and claimed; and if you don’t abide with that, guess what… I volunteered to usher the event. For universal Love alone. No wages, just, by-product, dividends. A win-win for AOC.

Multiplied values, of various investments, will payoff. Win big returns, for Love, in the casino, in our heart and head. I doubled down. Pray for me, please, not against, Love for AOC.

If theirs is a collective mind, we’ve all gone crazy or will be shortly. Since we all go together; read all your shared books and scripture. The one that clearly states, All Of Creation. AOC for short, in the here and after.

I hope for a collective heart and spirit; to override insanity and delirium; a deluge of derision and strife, we were warned of. A staff, that becomes a snake, when it strikes the rock. ς

Yours and mine, the world, has displayed behavior, that is enough. For Love to step in and save us all… AOC.

Are you beholden to a translated copy of the origin of your creation? What is your chosen language? How are you demonstrating Love for God?


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