Wise As A Servant… Gentile In Nature.

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Are you willing to submit and yield to anything, but Love? Would you call Love, God? How would Love feel about that?

So here is the beginning… to the end to our debates and politics; as we know it. Will you examine your faith in God or Potus with me? Is there 2 temples in your churches head of state? Erected, destroyed or rebuilt?

How do we deal with madness? Crazy behavior, from our neighbors; that harms us all and the others and Mother Earth. This debate gets slippery, like a snake or chasing a fox. Could feel like your running from a bear or monster.

First lets start with any scriptures fact… No man can convince you a Spirit of Truth about unfathomable Love exists; much less preserves and protects, provides for our needs. Many have tried, it’s well documented. I’m thankful for the table scraps and fish food.

Some called Love by many names, including Sun, God and Ghost. Spirit rallies prove it. Mankind expands and splits. New names manifest into existence and we never know it. I made up a new one and kept it for myself. A personal pet name… none of your business? I am not required to register it, on earth.

Columbo reports, there is proof, we all seem to know and understand the cunning and adaptive nature of mans kindest approaches to gaining the world. Jesus said… in the story, you may not know, what your doing.

And the time was indeed nigh, and now, nigh and no longer a Q & A discussion…

Except for a new generation of fresh winds and purer hearts that have not been exposed to the rigors of the morose side of religions. Maybe I am sheltered and out of touch. If we do not stand and exclaim truth that sets us all free; we will be steered and led back to a familiar alter pew and schooled on penitent expressions.

Prepared for another round of purification. The most efficient part of the process. Cutting edge surgical equipment technologies… for futuristic forms of circumcision of the heart from the head of the snake. Life is indeed changing eras. Which day of the week is first in the next generational era? Would you be able to add more days to the work week? to correct celestial alignments? Religious beliefs? Jesus said we should passover a few, in remembrance of a sacrifice.

Any day of the week Love… Liberate the sabbath weekend and the work week. Celebrate your Love Life everyday! 4 on 1 off with a floater, in case you need it! Without corporations and shareholders, leveraging legislation, globalization, insider information, tax write offs, wealth and gross profit gains, we have a balance of equity that serves all of our needs. Will you survive without gross national production? You have no clue what waste was produced and needs left unmet. The Truth you need to know is Love never fails, to make corrections. You confessed in your church, between two temple pillars; that you like it like that. I leveraged that fact, jack. Everyone in America; pledged under God. You better hope God is Love, with these results; while they been gone preparing more rooms, for all of us. Will you and I finally give in to Love? See the light? Fall on your knees, babe, Love exists in abundance.

We will not endure more than we can handle. You know it’s true if your arguing with me about it. The meek are praying, overcoming doubts of talents and abilities, confronting betrayals of mind over matter and assessing damages now.

We gain only with their improvements to what we left them; behind us. Dwell on that. Pray for renewal, restoration and real redemption for Sin and your other cohorts. I been saving bottles, jars and cans with lids and recyclable value. That’s gross profit from talent. Remember when you where stiff-necked, stubborn, foolish and wicked? Love uses all it’s things for it’s good, pleasure.

Can we come together in Love? The shelter of a Spirit that roams the universe, looking to multiply dividends? What if I refuse to bow to your learned system of names and collected stories for gems of justification of actions and behaviors? Is there a line you draw, which effects your willingness to Love me or my neighbor?

With the history of accepted best practice or lessons learned, getting the job done; we have a dilemma. Push and pull your neighbor, cast a lot of line and hope for fish to bite. Have you noticed the people vying for your attentions? What dominates the headlines and controls the cycles we follow like expected seasons of climate?

At some point, enough is enough. Pray, for a culling, if it be thy will for us, willing to submit to whatever is required to work out our eternal salvation. Ask Love to Love us all. Rise up and walk by faith in Love for God and Satan. All of creation. Prove your one with the Spirit and not part of a brood of vipers.

What will it take for you to sell what your beholden to and just Love? Do you think the God, as described; needs you to explain the Bible to others? Defend Jesus or Allah? I’ll defend the Gentiles, Atheists’ and The Church Of Satan and the other six churches, if you are not able to. Are you bound up? A crusader of sorts? For Jesus or another of Loves servants? The created and not so much, the creator?

Sell what you are beholden to. Only wolves and snakes want your money. Goats don’t need money.

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