Iesous ho Nazoraios

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These passages may indicate that Jesus intended to identify himself as a nazirite (“not drinking the fruit of vine”) before his crucifixion…

Historical Contexts

Do you know Jesus?

Do you know Tertullus?

In theBible,Tertullus(a modification of “Tertius”) was a lawyer, who was employed by theJewsto state their case againstPaulin the presence ofFelix(Acts 24:1-9).

The charges he raised against theapostlewere “First, that he created disturbances among theRomansthroughout the empire, an offence against the Roman government (crimen majestatis). Secondly, that he was a ringleader of the sect of theNazarenes; disturbed the Jews in the exercise of their religion, guaranteed by the state; introduced new gods, a thing prohibited by the Romans. And thirdly, that he attempted to profane the temple, a crime which the Jews were permitted to punish.”

blas·phe·my /ˈblasfəmē/ Learn to pronounce noun

  1. the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk. “he was detained on charges of blasphemy”


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