Meet Ying & Yang

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Nice Rooms… Genova VII

Historical Contexts

Push & Pulls’ Origin Creator.

I AM is the G in this G funk era. GOD is like COD; Guaranteed On Delivery. A Gem for you and them all together. Do you really believe Love creates favorites? Love waits for eternity if needed. You and I are the treasure. The Gold they are mining, while they show us how to capitalize on all of creation.

The text we debate. The voices we promote. Only God can Love and Judge your heart. Man can detain and frisk you, oppress necks and even zap, shoot, choke or decapitate you, as they wish, for cause, Justice and Laws of course.

If they are organized and have enough numbers of like minded tentacles. To knock on doors.

Enoch Lesster 6770

Where is Love in the discourse? Many appointed by god’s have interceded at human beget to behold a Savior from all of…

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