Cleromancy Craps… George Finally Admits!

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Truth is… that we should trust in the Lord in all things and give all we have, turn the other cheek and submit to truth in our bones over rhetoric and conjecture. And to only serve The One True God… not some other graven image of a counterfeit god. Only the pure in heart will have eternal life. You’ll make it through with the rest of them, Love.

Love is… Humans are convicted internally. We hear from the outside all sorts of ideas; forcing us to hear and then choose to consider and then come to our own conclusions. That process is affected by the condition of our heart and what we are beholden to. “Sell it to ME… I AM… YHWH!” Free Will means we can choose to live in deception… but we do choose to live in it. Challenging our internal rational thinking process to reach out and seek for truth… Hope that our faith isn’t misplaced. And when it is we can correct the course… In any event small or big… personal or corporate. “I AM Creationwide baby!”

Haft Awrang

Historical Contexts

Investigating our issues as a nation, a part of all created, leads to a calamity of insinuation. Who do you call? FBI, CIA, DOJ, Popo or Papa? Only thing we know for sure is… Do Not Call Mama!

If Mama ain’t happy, it might feel like hell around here. Mine was the original terrorist. Never could quite figure out what she wanted or needed, besides complete devotion. From all of Loves’ creation.

How valuable is tin to you? Silver is good. Gold is very nice… Do you like Yellow or White? Is there really a Fort Knox? I prefer cold hard cash in my fist or wallet; or crypto-currency in my terra cloud digital bank accounts.

Nothing wrong with pretty things and progress. Why finagle tax breaks and keep secret knowledge? Trading inside knowledge for bribes for friends in the stock market, black market or in Washington, China, Russia or…

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