Elisha ben Abuyah

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Steadfast in the faith, even unto prosecution come judgement day. What is your truth about Christ? Which, of the 7 churches, do you claim for salvation from Mommas’ wrath? Death is not an option!?? #HealYourLandLord
Free the people from confusion and deception. Are you confusing or deceiving? Teaching to fish? Leading to The Well or a well for routine worship? Are you carrying the cross? Betrayal and doubt? Are you penitent or impenitent about it?

Tempered By Truth... That Spirit.

Elisha ben Abuyah

Genesis Rabbah & Rabbi Akiva

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  • The harsh treatment he received from the Pharisees was due to his having deserted their ranks at such a critical time. Quite in harmony with this supposition are the other sins laid to his charge; namely, that he rode in an ostentatious manner through the streets of Jerusalem on aYom Kippurwhich fell onShabbat, and that he chose to overstep thetechum. Both the Jerusalem and the Babylonian Talmuds agree here, and cite this as proof that Elisha turned fromPharisaismtoheresy. It was just such non-observance of laws that excited the anger of Akiva.[21]
  • Ginzberg suggests that Elisha became aSadducee, since the Jerusalem Talmud mentions Elisha’s betrayal of thePharisees. Also, one of the reasons given for Elisha’s apostasy is characteristic of a…

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