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Rocks and Rolls on into eternity it seems… Blessed with long reach and shelf life. Produced a library of music in the current era of time we are in. Some like it, some don’t. Some resist it. Some Love it. Is music electric?

Volts and Ohms. Thunder and lightening bolts… Thunder struck like T.N.T. Left a scorch mark.

The­ three most basic units in electricity are voltage (V), current (I, uppercase “i”) and resistance (R). Voltage is measured in volts, current is measured in amps and resistance is measured in ohms.

Are we all amped, positive and negative charges of Love? Lamps.

An electric arc between two nails

Is there an arc? Between us? A rainbow.

Sparks fly when Love ignites. Starts a fire, all around.

Chemistry becomes synergistic, dynamic between us.

Is life reflective? Do arcs jump? Between nails if crossed?

We the people are to be exalted, lit up like a torch of eternal fire, purifying… all of Creation… jumping to and fro… blessing; all of Creation without resistance only if we accept. The Blessing with all the positives and negatives.

What is the disconnect? A switch, relay or some circuit that splits and redirects?

An electric arc is the form of electric discharge with the highest current density. The maximum current through an arc is limited only by the external circuit, not by the arc itself.

Does resonance meter and measure and manage our currents? Are we short or long circuits? Do we have fuses that break for safety sake?

res·o·nance/ˈrezənəns/ Learn to pronounce

See definitions in: All Physics Electrical Astronomy Chemistry noun noun: resonance; plural noun: resonances

  1. The quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating. “the resonance of his voice”
    • The ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions. “the concepts lose their emotional resonance”
  2. PHYSICS The reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.
  3. The condition in which an electric circuit or device produces the largest possible response to an applied oscillating signal, especially when its inductive and its capacitive reactance’s are balanced.
    • MECHANICS The condition in which an object or system is subjected to an oscillating force having a frequency close to its own natural frequency.
  4. ASTRONOMY The occurrence of a simple ratio between the periods of revolution of two bodies about a single primary.
  5. CHEMISTRY The state attributed to certain molecules of having a structure that cannot adequately be represented by a single structural formula but is a composite of two or more structures of higher energy.
  6. PHYSICS A short-lived subatomic particle that is an excited state of a more stable particle.

Gest & Jest use nails & the flint of rocks… to make more electric dust on Mars.

For more Gold Arcs for All of Creations circuits, long and short. For Infiniti or eternity, if you prefer that Word.

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