𒈹 — Historical Contexts

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Have fun on the adventure of Life and searching for Love, Dora… All of Creation is laid out before us.

Breathing and Living… still able to capitulate to Love. We have a temptation for you… Come here to the edge, I’ll show you.

There are more puzzles and tests and trials of choices between which trails to take next… Try them all. I’ll see you on the other side… over there on that continent to the West… We can share it. Go on babe… You go that way… I got this path… laid out before me. You couldn’t handle the more treacherous paths and trails, I walk, strake my heel, crawl and don’t look; I can fly like that, when I need to, even swim real deep, like Ma. When I come, routinely, to check on you; watchful and aware, I AM, like that.

Promise Love… besides you know me, real well, I can’t help myself. I do what I learned through my prior experience, with Love that produced us all. Surely you will come to know, I have faith. We will all come together, like in the song! Only one spirit to share between us that can save us all. Truth. Word. You will walk by faith, like this and that! I have spoken. I push and pull you. Bring you to life, you know this is true. Just get lost and I hunt you back down… it’s a whole thing we keep doing together. It’s become apparent… we can do better for everyone involved, between us. Since We the people… incorporated and all. Remember Jesus!?

Is this scripture? Word; spoken of in the Bible? Can you find Jesus in the scripture? Can you find #us all? ex·e·ge·sis/ˌeksəˈjēsis/ Learn to pronounce noun: exegesis; plural noun: exegeses critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture.”the task of biblical exegesis” I often wonder… what the characters in the Bible thought was history to […]

𒈹 — Historical Contexts

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