Potential Questions For Discussion, Reference Points And Various Evidentiary Claims.

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Historical Contexts

For The Prosecution And Defense Of All Creation.

Looking For Loopholes & Strategic Information. How to die by the sword of truth. So as to be renewed, restored and made whole, as promised, by other creatures among us. Under the law. In our books. By our mouths, we confessed. Some of us are guilty. Some say all of us. If we can collect, we can spread it out amongst all of us. Assess damages and report to your soul with an itemized list.

Suit to be filed in the Court of Mother Natures Womb.

We the people… VS. Your Anus.

We receive the right to pursue the death penalty, as leverage. The plaintiff wishes and seeks for, entitled, corrective measures and full restoration to all of creation.

The Honorable Spirit Love presiding. The decider and ultimate judge of truth, between us.

Let’s get The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to kick…

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