The Dishwasher Installer

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An incident occurred, in the middle of the day, between a man and a woman, both of Bethany, Oklahoma.

The man installed a dishwasher for the woman, after removing the old one. A new whip was installed, as well as, a new drain hose. He handed the woman the manual, written in multiple languages, and showed her some of the nifty features. This new state of the art dishwasher had quite a few.

A three tiered rack stack and new technology at work like never before; and so quiet your not sure it’s working, except for the lights.

I peered into the sink, looked at her and asked if she wanted to load it up, run a load. She insisted we run it empty first. Clean out the shell and housing from the factory.

We let the cycle run, she went off to another room and half way through I felt inclined to cancel the routine and drain the water out, check the connections. Make sure nothing leaked out.

She had gone out cutting wood with her new chainsaw, while the cycle ran; and hadn’t made it back in yet. Debating my options, I decided to run the cycle again, empty, no dishes.

She came inside and we looked at the new dishwasher, you could tell she was enamored with her new love in the kitchen.

She went to load the dishes, I tried to help her, but we got crossed about how to load the dishes properly. I slapped her on the ass and moved out of the way, real quick like. Made a smart and funny comment and told her to holler if she needed help.

A bit later I heard a moan and groan coming from the kitchen. The damn dishwasher soap dispenser I had showed her about earlier, wouldn’t shut. Finally got the machine loaded and couldn’t figure out how to get the soap dispenser to work right. So it would release detergents at the right time in the cycle.

She fiddled with it a bit and we looked at it together… It was just the soap cartridge had got lodged and the cover couldn’t slide down and cover it properly, for just the right moment in the cycle, to be released.

We laughed about it, are still living and Love our new dishwasher! Now that we got it all figured out. Together.

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