Hoarding Love… Me First!

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It takes Spirit, spunk and a little moxie to dance in public to this song. Here, let me show you how to do it. Or watch all the people… see how they move to it? Did we counterfeit Love?

You got Spirit? You need a cheerleader?

Love is the only commodity we cannot contain or behold, fully. We can be fully convinced, Love exists; but, cannot fully fathom, Love. This is the revealation of the Gospel. Love never fails. We can trust Love.

We might, and even go to blame others, love created, for infringing or treading on our portion of Love.

For it’s purpose. Unbeknownst to us. Might not even have included that Word in a book for us. It may only be written on our heart. Our soul. Or even in the fabric of everything we know. Why we tread on each other so much. In secret. Behind each others backs. In the closet or booth.

It’s smooth, sensual. Jazzy. Love don’t take prisoners. Love reforms the least of us and places them over the rest of us. If the Bible is to be given any weight in the matter. We headed for correction. A reckoning. I can’t wait to get off the whipping post.

You wanna know the future? We may all take turns. Anything is possible. I know one thing. You don’t know anything, better or more than me. I know not more than you either. We have what info and understanding we have been given. Each crafted individually.

What is not up for debate is that all are worthy of our Love to one another. Love said. Even commanded you and I something about it. If you promote the Bible. You know your not worthy to breath air, much less Love, anymore than your neighbor.

Maybe you haven’t made it that far in the story, written on your heart. Maybe you can’t sense the spirit. Is it possible to be deceived? Confused about it? Am I deceiving you? What if God told you something and did something different? Would that be a lie? Do you know if that happened?

Cain and Abel were brothers, the story says so.

God said a thing or two to both of them. Was Eve busy? Or overheard them?

Now for a Word from our sponsor: #WildHairyLovePromos

There is a lot of information in all of history. If Love is the Spirit of Truth, between us, then we should get real honest about it. How do we have so much faith and forgiveness for ourselves and do like the Word says and hold debt over others? Do we slice and dice the infractions between us? Weigh and measure justice and punishment’s? Do we convict ourselves? It states clearly in our Bible. You can even Google it.

Do you witness? Everyday? Do you see people living all around you? Do you observe all of creation? As you come to know it? Love.

Words mean what they are written for, but can be misconstrued and misused. I can stir you up tell you Jesus may be Satan. Is it true?

You’ll do one of three things…

  • Scoff and laugh as if you know better. Make fun of me, even disparage me for making the statement. In front of other children, even.
  • Acknowledge we do not know anything more than is documented. And that has an air of suspect to be aware and watchful of, as you engage the Spirit of Truth.
  • Wrestle with the Spirit for an answer till you get one. Might take 40 years or even another lifetime. Don’t move until the Spirit moves you.

Meanwhile… What do we do with the persistent issues we have for decades? What happens to career advocates? If the issues are resolved? We have to start getting honest about the problems we face. Greed and corruption have only evolved. Jesus, shined a light about it. Casting lots. Selling what your beholden to. Picking up a cross, if not for your neighbors sake. We have a beast to tame, still.


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