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What’s It To You!? Spread The Good News! You found a place on the pyramid… you can bare or bear claw up enough you feel good, you won’t drown?

Something New… Like a plant or flower.  Just comes to exist.  Springs forth through the Creation ward.

Do you prefer the word room?  Or is ward ok with you?  We should vote shouldn’t we?

Is the creation of any life a miracle?  Even the roughest cut diamonds yield some value.

Drive down the highway or side roads and see all sorts of growth of life.  Trees, shrubs and thorn bushes.  Weeds and sunflowers live scattered together.  Are the tumbleweeds and grass blades better if there are wildflowers amongst them?  

We have a great divide between all of us in America and all around the world and I, I, I, I can’t find my baby… Do you even care?  Just asking.  Peacefully.  I ain’t got no gun, relax.  I even made it a song lick.

Truth that sets us free? We can make up new words. Even draft a new constitution between us. Pipe dream? Mama said knock you out… Sing you a reproofed lullaby.

You need a whip’n

I sing and dance and fight battles.  Truth already won, so I am just celebrating, sounds like yelling to some. Angelsplaining? Satansplanning? Something? While getting ready for Christmas? You prepared for Valentines day 6770!? What do you make of that? Madness?

We can multi-task.  Ask for this and that. Lord protect us while we rest.

Bless us with rest, renew and restore, our spirit about it all, for us. Please we beseech you! All one unto another together. Staggered just like you say!

We do need to strive for a sense of security in Love for our neighbors.  Without borders. Figure that out. We can do it! Quit quitting and scapegoating. We all can do that. What a drag that is for some of us. Maybe we will all learn to empathize. Walk a mile or two, in each others shoes, Love gave us.

We have abandoned our wants and needs and are seeking now to blossom into a pretty flower with essence like water and earth and fire from the god’s crafty God; Love.  You want a portrait painted?  They use water colors from another planet, not oil or acrylic. You might even end up in it. Literally. Anything is possible.

Prophet, rabbi, pastor or priest, you all said so. So where you gonna hide now? Explain it to me. Jazz it up with a few scriptures from your chosen book. Why am I going to Hell and your church carries on into eternity? Are you fully convinced in your organizations pious faith? Really… What if your wrong? What is your final answer?

What is faith? Who are hero’s? Are you really willing to be a lamb? Like the Bible says? Have you signed the contract? Cause I am filing suit in the courts of Mother Earth, on behalf of America. The land of truth and justice. Let no man put asunder my nation and fair-weather friends, We the people.

Monuments establish someone’s honor in the public stage.  Who decides who we honor?  Why can’t I have Geasus lifted up?  Did I missunderstand. mis-translate something?  Are you interpretive about it all, like a child?  

Why can’t the republic as a whole pay for it? Related searches find something we can do about the impossible, unrealistic hope for Love for All; displayed in mother nature. We have established a kingdom, just admit it and move on to developing the garden.

Until we are found again. Or…

Does everyone, excluding the electoral college, get thrown back into the sea?  144,000 questions and not one solid gold answer from men, beholden to a religious order or organization of people.  A brood. I hope to add a 1000. For good abundant measure and weight; a fuller portion. A larger house. And better hands for grabbing, holding and caressing… no more pushing and picking pockets. The well is all bloody, poisoned. So the story goes.

Mobsters, corrupt consumers and gangsters are people too!  They deserve a way to freedom.  All of us in America should support this initiative.  If we are all about precedence and precedencies.  Legal maneuvering strategies from the minds of corps, economists and talented lawyers, should be rewarded with the riches of this world, I agree.  Dividends, so to speak.

Enjoy your moment in the sun.  What ride you on the next time?  Is that leverage?  To get you to submit to Love? Enjoy the bounty? Partake? Be given a share? Are you worthy? Let me test you…

We are in a organic simulated zoo with a man made amusement park.  This is what happens when we all work together with unmerited favor, bound on planet earth.  Enjoy!  You need a barf bag for the next ride.  You forced in line; for the Wild Hairy Buffalo Roller Coaster.  Heads up! A rhino comes up the rear, in the end. You won’t believe me, Love saves the day… If you believe it so? Only if you work for it, by faith, babe. We are all babes… Rhinos, staggered, one unto another, headed for slaughter. Jab’n with a capital J, the neighbor ahead of us, all along the way. A cross and a hook… I uppercut for the knockout punch. It’s not grape wine brother.

This is Creation. The Garden. The sword was soaked. You may enter. As on earth… so it is in heaven. Grab a tool and go to work, by faith… you’ll realize you know how to use it instinctively. And where the briers and thorns are.

As you go about cleaning it up, you might get frustrated, become susceptible to deception. There is a staff that becomes a snake at some point. For all the people to see, if they will look.

Now… just trust and have faith babe! I keep working it in to you; over and over and over. Love can move mountains, with just a seed of faith.

Again… get to work! Find the way, here I’ll guide you, little by little. Word by Word. Like I told you first. Don’t you listen to me!? Just do right and be humble about how awesome you know you are. Your neighbor ain’t there yet. Remember… Jesus. Get to know that bloke on the cross. What can you learn about Love from his story, as told? Shut your mouth and take it like a child… don’t cry out for Love to save us. That’s all nonsense?

Crazy George… mumbled something about an invisible hand and had us build a monument or two for him. We still keep them, even in spirit, alive. Who is He praying to or for? So many score ago… Is it 2020? Already?
Is this what George learned? Did He glean something? From his time and experience? Just wait till your on your death bed? Your not eligible for the draft? Can you donate your sabbath?
Anything is possible? Love will find a way? How else would you explain a carrot growing on a tree? Love never fails… the beginning of my faith, when I heard, got wind, experienced the depth and breadth, weight and measure of that scripture, bells rang in my head. Profitable. The carrot actually grew in place on the donkeys head… the string is fake. The Unicorns never existed?

Love never fails… Simple like a child, babe.

I know it ain’t all easy like that the Bible says… I’m just remembering what Jesus said.

Is it not Easter all year round?

Forprofitabelus, 6770 CE

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