Out of Touch

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Start the music…

It’s been awhile since we all got together. Got drunk and naked, let it all hang out, breathed on each other. We’ve been estranged for awhile. Current events, matters of National Security and busy schedules. Stress, PTSD and an overload of derision can wear us down, cause us to fail to even flail. Go numb to the need for action. Maybe some 80’s music will cure that, wake us up, like the whiff of smelling salts. A new hope for proof of Life for Love’s mission. Sent spirits and demons? This is a mess… be prepared.

Save Word! Love will not abandon any of creation. The Truth will be preserved. No matter how out of touch we get with reality.

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de·​ri·​sion | \ di-ˈri-zhən  \

Definition of derision

1a: the use of ridicule or scorn to show contempt b: a state of being laughed at or ridiculed a state of being derided 2: an object of ridicule or scorn

Play or pass, play later… just for effect. Get the point?


[ dih-rizhuhn ] SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR derision


  1. ridicule; mockery: The inept performance elicited derision from the audience. 2. an object of ridicule.

Rid yourself of strife. Rid yourself of turmoil. By hiding? Masking with Piety and Holy outrage someone don’t believe you? Is that how you interpret that scripture? How does that benefit anything? What are you hiding? An inept performance with the Spirit? Were you discombobulated? I may be the only one in the world who can empathize with you. Or am I alone in this world? I didn’t even realize it was a stage til it was too late. The stage light fell on me… I suspect it was Shaitan. What say you? You seen that creature around the neighborhood?


ash-shahy-tahn ] SHOW IPA


(in Muslim usage) Satan; the devil.


Shai·tan/SHīˈtän/ Learn to pronounce noun

  1. (in Muslim countries) the Devil, Satan, or an evil spirit.
    • an evilly disposed, vicious, or cunning person or animal.noun: shaitan; plural noun: shaitans; noun: shaytan; plural noun: shaytans

Can we get past the walls and defense barriers? Fears and wonders. Doubts and Dilemmas. Work together? Child like faith in each other, for real, about Love. We stand together and get shit done! But we do it for the good of all… Like we keep saying we are doing as a Nation under Gods protection, not for some justification we piously follow, while divided against each other.

Are you cunning or shrewd? Do you know the difference?

Wait for it… the music. Take a break for 30 seconds or so. Then sync with this next video…

This is not a re-enactment… we did this 50+ years ago… We did better back then! Look at them shake and shirk… Time for a new tune, yet?

You already know two wrongs do not make anything right. Except for those in the middle… We just observing. Learning. No Cleromancy about it.

All the soldiers threw down, weapons laying all over the ground, no dead bodies… Cast their lots, and ran. See that swarm headed off to the left and a flock of stock led off to the right. Good meat! Been awhile since they had a haircut. Nice coats on some of ’em. Hope there’s something left of them when all the dust settles.

Would you step outside if it was a slaughter? Wear a better mask if it was a virus you weren’t immune to… (Did someone whisper in your ear about it?) For real? Would you wear a mask just to Love your neighbor, that is not immune, yet. It all comes back around… Love don’t play favorites… We asked, Love delivers. Renewed minds and purified hearts. Contrite bride. Steppin’ Out. From the shadows come the entourage. It might take 7-10 years they said. What are we hoping for? If you could ask for anything this Christmas? What if you don’t recieve it this year?

Time to step out and see the damage. Assess the need. How do we gauge all this? We want to go back to all the things we fought against, fought for! Liberty, Justice and Love for all creation. Is that a new twist to our motto? You think the world will take advantage? Of our sense of goodwill and joy about it.

Is it just a #BlackLivesMatter Or do #AllLivesMatter? Is it #MeToo or #UsToo! #US all in #America in the #World of #Nations only Love could create and keep. For his sake. Endure and persevere with us… as we navigate through this, moment or season of what we call time and era.

Why we all think we greater than another? Better at one thing, than another. Ignore, Negate, finally give in to disparage another Love created. In that order.

Has someone been whispering in your ear, babe? Let’s step out and see the Sun shine. Strip down naked and get drunk on pure Sunshine. Shirk off the past ways of life and evolve to a new organic state of life and economy between us. Unmerited value system… trust Love has all of us, under that wing of prosperity. Could you live without the pursuit of Money for expenses on the American Dream trip you booked as a child. Took Faith, Grace and Hope for a ride on your journey searching for Love. They have interest in your neighbor. You said you would help… do anything for Love.

You may just be 1 degree off kilter… Calibrate. Capitulate to Love.

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