Activist and Activism: what do they mean? —

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Cartoon purchased from In the last year or so, many people with and without dementia have started to document the history of what they perceive as dementia advocacy and/or activism. It almost feels like it is being done, as if to justify that the last more than two decades of advocacy have been worth it, […]

Activist and Activism: what do they mean? —

MY 2 Cents… You owe me a dollar.

  • I like the spunk and spirit in this plea for real change not just more lip service… It’s become apparent, much activism is stoked for profits for some, who rally activists!?
  • It’s usually a wolf in sheep’s clothing behind it. Maybe a snake or fox are behind them.

We the people… are rising up… overcoming… writing all about it.

Made a whole new newspaper… Word Press.

Express your self… Share it with your neighbor.

Ask yourself…

Why are we following either of these parties, now that we know they misled US in A.

Go tell your neighbor I’m sorry. For me. Please. Wash their feet. Don’t get handsy. Only tickle a little!

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