Thorns, Spines & Prickles

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Our divisions are directly related to confusion and deception. Do you get it? Left and right… confusion and deception. Doubt and betrayal… came out of Jesus. He was made whole. Rib and all?

Meanwhile… the least among us fails to receive their due inheritance. They aren’t diligent, wise or even aware of their bounty. Earnest for reward. Like others say they are. While they pass by…

Seeking & building community, even in the end of this time. Outreach, a hand out, to grab on to, not feed off? What about table scraps? The shirt off your back? Why your cheeks so fat?

Are we just selling ourselves? Conterfiet Snake oil?

Edify and fortify all of creation, is what I heard.

This group of words, culled together digitally, are for those that look to take the heart of America; for redemption, renewal and restoration. Which leads to true prosperity. For us all. It is kinda utopian, but not really. It’s more like reality.

I’m convinced… awareness is needed; of what is in all of our books and how it relates, to what is going on, in the present and past between us.

The future depends on us… preach the gospel; is what I heard. Gospel Truth, promise! We are free to be oppressed if we allow it. If one is suffering… you do the math. Or ignore it.

Disclaimer: I call God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus and any others, Love. That’s the Spirit; I want called into ref between us. The spirit that protects all Life and Truth.


Love never fails; is what I heard. Does it echo with you?

Through that story I was blessed with in my heart, I found an Author. And an authority. That can help us, help ourselves, overcome our burdens; learn to move mountains. On both sides of us. For We the people in the valley.

We are a lot like thorns… some more prickly than others.

Dig! You might learn a little detail of something. About your neighbor.,_spines,_and_prickles

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