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Where is the bounty? The inheritance we feel entitled to? A prominent bullet point for political zombies with entitled attitudes, someone planted in them. Frame others as we convict ourselves. Is the stark reality. Ever since the beginning. Can’t turn back… only struggle forward with the truth in tow.

Hypocrisy – the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Piety is not Holiness. It is not simply religious observance. It is a belief or point of view that is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence. It does not imply Faith and fellowship with the Spirit Jesus knew. It does proclaim to the world you are a believer, by association. It also makes you a member of a group of people. Like a viper might be part of a brood.

If your stirred up and defensive, we may not know each other very well.

All of creation is profitable for Love.

What is a scripture? The Word?

What is utterance of the spirit? Beyond understanding? Left or Right hand? Just curious if you saw it writing, on your heart.

Called to service. That is the battle cry of the believer, the Christ follower. I am in service, even enslaved to Love. I am not perfected yet. I am unruly, you may not want to cross my path. Wild donkeys kick and jerk. Aren’t rushing to save anyone. Don’t take to training like a horse.

Donkeys bring Good News, as the story revealed. Good for hauling. Abel to take the load. Even survive a fire or flood. If Love deemed it to be. Like in The Beginning. If your marked.

This is the end. Not the beginning.

We might compromise to agree this could be the middle. Could we come to a resolve about it between, just us, We the people? Politics was born from this. Stark reality.

Only Faith – 1 : strong belief or trust I have faith in our leaders. 2 : belief in God. 3 : a system of religious beliefs : religion people of all faiths. 4 : loyalty to duty or to a person or thing The team’s true fans keep the faith.

Team Christ? Did that sit well with your soul? It’s ok if it didn’t. I empathize. The rhetoric today, like in the past, is stoked and promoted to serve some spirit. Are there other spirits? Is Love a Spirit? The one Spirit?

If you read the Bible, you know. It ain’t so cut and dry. Contriteness should be produced, through the experience. The truth will set you free. You still coming to fruition. We all are. Bible exposes an idea that we all come together, or not at all? Only Love knows. You’ll need to talk with that Spirit about it.

No man can convince you God is Love and exists. Plenty of arguments against the idea of faith in love or god. Even some with evidence. What was that about it being harder in the end time? I was given a full measure of Faith. You probably got some of what I didn’t. We all got what we need to produce results. Love is results oriented. I have Faith that Love never fails. When I flail, Love picks me up. You too. The sun rises and sets on us; just or unjust. Love loves you as much as me.

We all supposed to love the other, more than ourselves. Good luck, babe, I’ll be back to see how you did. Here’s the manual, in tatters and barely legible. You got a used shell to use as your vessel this trip. Here’s a new pair of sandals and a smock with pockets. No loot, just faith. I’m gonna throw you back into the sea.

Don’t flail! You’ll be transporting what is most valuable to me. No pressure. Don’t fly too close to the Sun! Oh, your manual is in an alien language! You’ll figure it out! Have Faith! Believe me, you can do it!

Go stand up to Goliath. Grab ’em by the… Don’t even ask. Then go to your other brother… Save We the people… Have Faith, you can do it. Observe what I tell you, written only on your heart. Use the book if you feel you need a crutch. Cliff notes and lullabies. Your Dad had your brothers write them for you. I left a bread crumb trail and stashed some table scraps for you along the way. Remember Jesus! Holler if you need help…

Is the point of the stories, all the little details? Are you Fully convinced, Love don’t exist as what we call God? What about our constitution? Between one another? About our Constitution.

Words… Double Edged Swords! Sharp, like a scalpel, when honed by the Spirit of Truth. Love heals the wounds. They work in harmony, we never know it. Just feel a little prick, here and there, as we go on down the yellow brick road… Come on Toto! Click the next link… Till your moved to do something else.

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