Incident at Neshabur

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I commented… all over the place. Reacted to what someone else wrote. Here’s the story, after editing and reimagining the facts and words.

There may be another layer or two we can peel off our onion… maybe revisit who God says he is and the simple fact; Love don’t make mistakes. Knows everything before laying pipeline and setting a foundation. 

Are you beholden to just what you read in the Bible or free to follow after Jesus Spirit?  Is Christ, now the one, searching through all creation. Led to preach and heal by the spirit. Like He saw his Father in heaven doing?  Remember, not leaning in on his own understandings and limited interpretations. 

He was thoroughly tested, and knew all the scriptures. 

Seeking to and fro, for whom may be blessed? Sunrise and sunset? The demons come out at night. Have you ever slipped and hid it? Become hardened in your heart? 

Are you bound up in the stories and about being contrite about your truth?  We don’t know enough to convict another, you glossed over the way we condemn ourselves. God don’t have to.  Verily, verily.

Remember pitfalls, like legalism, corrupt piety and self serving ourselves portions of pride and glory, divinely.  Magically.  We are all saved.  Through Jesus, Love already secured our victory, loved us first. You did not deserve it either.  Have you thought about how we got to Jesus?

He gave freely, generously and we squander it.  Casting lots and holding it over others, a hypocrite judged, or you wouldn’t be critical about it. Focused on it. You would have matured and outgrown this sort of rhetoric. Banging cymbals, the book calls them.  It was a real scourge… I took it all with a joy and delight about it, as I recall, now.

Pick back up your cross and submit to the millstone.  WE love correction!  Dig deeper and wider. The Word of God said.  Commitment!

Its Grace and Mercy, they have a full portion of, for the hope we will all grow in knowledge and peace. That faith guaranteed. Every knee bows.

Not because you became enlightened to others misdeeds. You and I got a full portion of faith, for some reason. Maybe ours is a full portion of conviction. That needs venting. 

Seek truth with a pure heart and test the spirits.  Speak with Grace.  Find a way to reach them in their Mercy language, wash their feet. Be careful, you don’t mislead children.  I was thrown back into the sea. I’m submitting to the millstone this time. 

Most importantly, always challenge yourself, so that you do stand worthy, as I see is your heart’s desire; and that you don’t fall prey to creatures like me. Anymore.

They all know full well about Hell. And the potential for it. We live it everyday babe… overcomers we are.  He already quenched the fires. Set the captives free. They are just crazy and don’t know how good it could be, for all of us. Or how much worse.

It may get… silly between us. Is the least among us that Stiff-necked, Stubborn, Foolish and Wicked about it? That we all would suffer like… what is the worst case scenario? Homeless on the streets? Of dreams in America? Is that the last step? Or Siberia?

Did you see Melania’s green coat awhile back? Made me sad and mad… then I realized. We got briers and thorns galore, still yet to clean up. Even after the election.  Waves only slosh the shit around.

Dig! You are still a slave. On your knees boy. There is so much more to creation.  We are always being renewed and purified. You’re still on this planet. We all go together, for his pride and glory and our honor.  Their pleasure.  Isn’t that why we follow Love?  He saved all of creation; said not one will perish, if you know him. Wonder what Vegas would set odds on, at this point. Worlds gone crazy… oh wow, anything is possible!

Did it again… stirred up for purpose… correct me where I’m wrong… please. I’m speaking to my people who think the Vatican Is the church. Like corporations are people too. I’ve tried to approach to discuss many different ways to get through the deception. This is abstract and jarring… hope to drive them back to the beginning of their Faith. Or knock them off a mountain. You do not wanna mislead a child… you know what the good book says.

We need to free our Catholic Faith from the Vatican/Papacy. You and I are the Church. How do we do that? Or correct me to understand the connection I should behold to? Mom or Dad? Jesus is the head of the Body of Christ. You and me and them. Ain’t no roof! Ain’t no border. No order to submit to authority other than a Spirit of Love for all creation. You still got a shirt on your back? We haven’t been striving for that, as a whole, together, all the denominations across all creation. For the sake of Love alone. Been toting our school books. Arguing with each other mostly. Body of Christ unifies itself, preparing for a wedding. Held outside in Nature.

Jesus came to set the captives free. The sheep being led to slaughter? Many being led to Parler and Trumpism. GOP party lobbyist,

con·ser·va·tive·ly/kənˈsərvədivlē/ Learn to pronounce adverb

  1. in a sober and conventional way.
  2. in a cautious way that seeks to avoid potential risks.

, bribed the,

pas·ture/ˈpasCHər/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. land covered with grass and other low plants suitable for grazing animals, especially cattle or sheep.”areas of rich meadow pasture”

, Shepard’s, long ago, for some other reason. Priests were tied up. DNC ain’t no better. We are all guilty… If we ain’t contrite about it.

Is this all about submitting to an authority, under God under the sun? If Love wanted you to know something, would you know it? Why is our organic response to infringed Love so dramatic? Have you watched the Bachelorette? Bachelor? Can’t decide which side to root for. Who do I give my rose to? Who wants to give up their last rose in hopes for Love? Asking for a friend. Look’n for Love on this planet. Says they can do magic. Don’t wanna do nuth’n but Love you til the end of time. Trust ’em they say. They have bowls of manna and a chalice. Can command staffs and snakes, burn a bush with the chant of a Word or Will of The Spirit. Is it just all organic?

I’m just sad to see the state of affairs, in all the religious organizations with tax breaks. VIP homesteaders. I been on tour, wandering. Looking for our sense of justifications. A story of Jesus to glean from, If Love leads you to know him. No man can convince anyone. You stir souls and keep your hands to yourself. I spit and throw mud… what you gonna do about it? I love all of you! Can’t stand deception. Confusion.

Did you not catch the tells? Go back and study what all God said to Cain & Abel… expand your library. Then talk to the Spirit of Truth about it. Let that Spirit fill you and send you to talk to the priest about it. He may need help too!

Speak for Love… Jesus led you there, that well. He moved on through Barabbas. To do battle, challenge the the two temple’d churches, walking around, and make more rooms for all creation. Just or unjust. Child like faith… I gotta have a degree to figure what you all are saying. Hell? Dumb it down for me please.

What are you promoting? Can I send Homeless people to stay at your house? Can I get your church to open a free 24 hour Care Center for Loves Creation? Nice fortress. Who is going to Hell if they do not submit to your way of thinking?

I’m a lot like Aaron said Moses was. Way before Peter and Jesus is in my house! Get the gospel right. Good news… Jesus sacrificed like we didn’t. Might be Geasus, or some other name hidden or not revealed yet. Anything is possible. Could the Spirit of Truth convince you? If it were true. Who found a Love Spirit, more than capable, exists and said we can call on too, in our time of trouble? What does Geas mean?

Simple, a child could do it. Share the good news. We have convoluted it with scientific detail explanations, using scripture from our choice of book. Edify yourself and Love the rest. We sharing in your suffering too! Stop the madness… Heal our land. Help me free your captives!

And the whole assembly arose… One voice… help me find it… Are you rightly dividing the word with the Spirit of Truth? All I can do is kick you in the rears. Back over to that saving Grace and Mercy that knows Faith real well. What are you beholden to, how come you don’t do it to the T too? I know you don’t, follow the law like Jesus did. Your only voice should be Love saved my ass and I go to battle for the least among us everyday. Hold my church accountable to the Love found in the story about Jesus. Here can I read it to you? There’s a lot of other information wrapped around it. I’m seeking truth about the information, wanna join me? Test and try spirits and learn how to discern the Word? A new spiritual language only speaks in our soul. The book led me there… now I see clearly. How to Love in this Republic.

I choose to attend group worship at this building. Protestants tried to copy the Vatican? I’m sure it was all sincere and genuine effort to promote the faith. Crazy how things can get out of hand… Abraham?

Most of this is written from an advocates position, lobbying on behalf of Loves other creation. Win my iron hardened heart and mind! Please… We got separation in the flock. I suspect the incumbents of foul play. Love don’t fail… so explain all this. Who’s been wielding the authority Love betrothed to us? If Jesus is at the Right Hand Of Love… We can’t serve two masters and I can’t get you to go to Washington, much less Rome, to deal with the beasts, in our books.

Where is my spotless Bride! Sorry, Geasus is pissed off. Found out he inherited a lady with a brood of vipers in tow. He still Loves us… Just wants more abundant life for all. Guess we can make more rooms. That’s what He said. Did Jesus accept the sinners and saints in his fold? All of creation are Love’s to do with as it pleases… Love never fails to achieve fruition. Have a little faith, will ya? Why your book or building more important than another? From an innocent bystander, born into this world; knowing nothing but Love and no understanding of any other sense of economy in Love’s creation. Seems like something man-made, seeking to be above Love. Or rape and plunder her… Adulterated by beasts of all creation! Are your really contrite about it? Forgiven.

It seems like hell around here… how do you stand it?


Learn to pronounce


(in Muslim countries) the Devil, Satan, or an evil spirit.
an evilly disposed, vicious, or cunning person or animal.
noun: shaitan; plural noun: shaitans; noun: shaytan; plural noun: shaytansShaitan
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