Blasphemous… Is not a pronoun… I would use.

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Blasphemous… Is not a pronoun. Like He, They and Them said or implied. I can point them out in a line up. Get them rounded up and I’ll show you who to blame.

And neither is Bastard or Turd.  I’m a little defensive about that… For some strange incensed reason.

I searched the internet.  Found our official understanding about blasphemy.

Blasphemous is an adjective that describes profane words and actions, especially when they are connected to something religious. If you draw Jesus Christ wearing lipstick or call Buddha a fat slob, you’re displaying blasphemous behavior.

Blatantly… displayed before us.  I didn’t see it either.  Someone whispered about it; then ran off that way.  Says he’s coming back for us. Her actually. We have to keep her alive, until he gets back. How are we gonna explain… that. You reckon? I got her pregnant… her too a few months ago. I promise that is a her! How else could it have a baby?!? Deliriously… I wondered. Where could this story go…

I Have A G T Dream!

Did you hear me?  You didn’t react and like.

We can all be… happy.  There and there… are we done pursuing each other over rights and some sense of justice, you tell me to believe in?!  You see how fecked up all this mess is?  It’s not all your fault!

It’s them over there and there in the middle.  My sights on them on the right. They’re mine… slobber and drool. They got money. Want a little honey and like the fire blazing. Like a bush or two… one painting abstracts of this and that? A trump card blew up the fire. We didn’t realize, they were all in the same family, many of them didn’t either. Locker room talk is all. Carry on. Don’t spread the virus.

So how do we visit and digest new ideas about old scars and inheritance rights?  Wars over Roses and Beds?  We got lots of issues between us… left unsaid to the general public.  We the people… demand to know.  We need to know better.  We do know better…now… 2020… about it.

Where does the money flow from? Warren Buffet told us, we know, how to lay golden eggs. What was that about equal inheritance rights? Every citizen… move to Alaska. Feck Canada!

Our sixth and 7 senses… screaming and ringing. We are alert to something. What can we call on? For this kind of help! Superman, Jesus, Ala; Confucius… Buddah? Abram? Adam and Eve! Who pre dates, is Abel and has the most right to tell us what to do, to heal our land? Zeus? Venice? Mars?

Aphrodite, I hope. I am a sparrow. I drop poops and tweet. I may have been a Do Do Bird in a previous life. Truth be known… I may be a Do Do Bird, learning to fly. I still poop and tweet! Grew hands and fingers. One hell of a disguise! If I didn’t have ‘him’ in tow… anyway. Package deal and all. I saved a bundle on this jackass! Honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way… Love knows why.

Truth is… We just been renewed all together?  Did you realize it?  Before Christmas?  What is it?  Will you even investigate that?  6770?

Blasphemous, I dare say not! No matter what church you attend. I’m pious about that, I googled it! It’s on the internet! Boom… mic drop. I’m dramatic… childish; about it. Silly! Boo! Ha! Ar… Jazz and bam… like Emiril? To startle attention… to what is next.

I can ask any question without concern for stiring your senses, arousing your heart about it.  Tame you.  One of the hands, that touched and petted and rubbed your belly.  Tickle… Tames a temper.  I like it too.

Share all you know about something unknowable, unfathomable.  Unimaginable.  Unrelenting.  Unwilling.  To let us go.  Invisible hands, don’t go.  Refresh and renew us; forgive us.  Truly heal us.  Prove, revealing was your plan all along.  Just so we would know.  All this… so we will come to know.  Love. Every knee bowed. No more heads. We are part Abel and most Willing now. It’s the year 6770… Happy New Year!

Thank you Peter… Paul?  Mary!  I can call Paul out.  We joke about it… He/She/They/Them loves me too.

Where is Jesus!?  I demand to know now!

@pontifex I am waiting.  For proof.  Of your authority!  Under the sun.

We the people… ALL of CREATION!  Have the right to command this space ship! That includes all the churches and temples! I AM Aaron… I’m in the book! Call me… for directions to heaven… here is your sacrament. Enjoy the festivities. I send someone to collect your offerings, thank you. I am kind. And kindred spirits, unite!

Truth is… not Blaspheme.  I can share anything.  Have you seen the media screens?  Heard the airwaves?  Who, why is the first step.  To find yourself in the process.  Every knee bowed, please.  I am an usher. 

Both knees.  You were given.  Do not move until proven. Now click this link or read on; it is your choice. Cast your lot… give me ten minutes; I will take an hour or two. Your free to stop reading if you don’t feel drawn in to read more of this nonsense. Just share it for me, will you, I would be pleased?

Pass judgement… I like affirmation and confirmations, so I know how to prey over you, while I pray for all of us, at once, including you.  See it’s not confusing, more than we can handle.  Have your therapist, priest and wife call me.  

For what reason do we need to be meddling into our elected officials?  Noses, Ears… Mouths… Can we still take Heads?  You know what’s next on my list?  I am striving to be graceful and merciful and faithful… ok… just the heads.

I’m not really joking… it’s metaphorical language, I disclaim.

We need this for national security! 

It’s most important.  So we can overcome tyranny and oppression.  Spells we’ve been under for decades… many, most all, in spirit, still in office, even today. Can we spring clean? The well rim is dirty. Bloody.

Invisible, grab anything they want, hands!  These days. They ride buses, trains and travel all around, even on planes. I don’t grab your PUC… I jab.  Back and forth.  I am a goat… like creatures of old, we need to be able to adapt and change our own diapers. Find our walkers. My knees hurt, back broke, hips do not lie; and I can’t see very well. Outside. I can still jab with the best of ’em, though. And see clearly how we got here, how to type and how to get out; get a new skin and bounty in the process. You wouldn’t believe. It’s harder in the end times, to believe in Love, just, like that.

I do have sleek, loafer sandles, with cork insoles, still ain’t that comfortable. I like my Nike knock-off Air sneakers from Amazon. My boots, though, are the best. I wore out the loafers my Bio-Mom gifted. They lasted 20 years… go figure. Half the journey. They were Born, quality slip on loafers. Black leather.

I’ll frolick bear foot to and fro our Garden, if needed. Call me an Uber or a give me a lift!

Persistent, tenacious and run only on ether and air… Don’t really need the $400k per annum… Just give me the credit card and rule book… I got the best staff of lawyers to figure this out… Take a seat, I got pants and genes, offspring and followers, you couldn’t do it anyway. Watch my hands. I warned you, sign this. Your fired. At least He didn’t quit? Quiter are losers, only Winners deserve it.

We have created many obstacles to progression, as a whole body, convened in the court of Mother Nature, a womb.  Mostly blind leading the blind sort of stuff.  The scales of Mama’s justice, coming due? It seems she sent a circus to herald her arrival… Red Orange and Blue Grey must be her new colors. Is that a blue coat? Made of multi colored peacock feathers… look at h…er… him? I can’t tell. I signed papers.

Many before us dreamed of this and that; imaginary worlds, where we were part of the fabric and landscape, they saw, and through that imagination and distraction, we ended up here, again. 

Found, lost. Cast aways?  Wanting and waiting for something to happen. To fix what is beyond any one persons, or 1 or 2 nations ability to control.  Here in this lull… we have a moment to unite and edify… sharpen each others senses of the Spirit of Truth that Loves USAll. 

The rest of the world watching us finally come along.  And drag the queen behind us.  Stomp on Papa… He can drag his own ass.  They said.  Then I woke up.  Not my fault, if I said anything, you heard, while I was dreaming.  

Oh say can you see!  A new America.  In a new gown and look at that garment of skin, bulletproof and randi about it! “Eyes up here Love,” she said.  “That’s my rear.” I thought how Love is pleased, like it said through the Word, back when all this creation stuff began. Knew what Love wanted more than we did. I’m just thankful… for the seats. And the sea shells. And the Sun. And you man in the Moon. Look at the cows and sheep… Fly higher! Dream and drool like a pig in America… We can write the wrongs with a flipped script. We write in our hearts together. Pigs are people too! Not bankrupt corporations or flesh and blood. Bones and ass. Spirits. Babes, Love created for us. Even the leper and thieves in our rear view mirrors.

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