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Oration is good and necessary for all sorts of good results. We talk to each other, verbally and bodily, organically. I can’t help but shrug when asked a question I do not know an answer to.

IMO I think writing is ultimately the best. Using the Word to get my point across. Sometimes, verbal and bodily functions, come across as intimidating and cross. Even domineering. Some smell funny, did you fart? While you were talking to me.

Ok, that just popped in my head, thought it was funny and needed to be said. I could come back and decide it’s not appropriate, for some of my audience. I left it, because I thought it, compelling me to keep it in my context, for some purpose. Maybe just to deaden the blow of the conversation, with a little humor, about it all.

(PS… the original context was revised and edited out, you’ll never know what was originally written.) Unless it is persevered by someone able.

We in trouble, herein the now and ever after in America. Just one part of all creation. Our challenge is to find a way, our way, to reengage each other; Develop new profitable conversations between us all. Not a new challenge.

We have all the written words to prove the events happened. But it’s the lingering effects, like PTSD, that we can feel; that we connect with between each other. The kindred spirits and the compassionate souls. Play live tonight on my stage. Like the USO. Sometimes we end up drunk and naked, with our clothes on.

I have this drafted mess to work with. A thought occurred to me, as I sought to reengage this mess. Maybe we could us it for good. Learn to take the little bit of crazy stirred up in us and make it coherent to the least of us.

I have a baseline truth I follow. The Word is already in our bones. Like a tone or frequency we can listen for, tune in to and learn to 2 way communicate with, like a ham radio.

Maybe virtual reality is a better analogy. I tried to use quantum physics theories to find something between us, we could cling to, together in unison. Thought we might come together there, where wonder and awe, delight about. Even then we have dead cat issues. You can’t use radiation to test a subject, silly.

Again, that popped in my head. You see my struggle. Lot’s of thoughts and ways to present them. Not all will get our jokes or even give attention. Could I really hope for billions of likes? So I know all of creation heard me?

Back to the challenge, staying on track and not running off the crazy train rails, like a rabbit or fairy-tale, frolicking about the garden. Alice, where are you? I can’t find the hole.

The thought I had was a strange one… Could strangers actually collaborate? Work on the same messy project? Dynamic as life is and the proof in the pudding of history, I started to doubt myself. I’m stubborn and stiff-necked enough to persist.

If anyone is led, to collude with me and others, to win the world and not lose our soul about it; I’d like to attempt something greater than something I could do all by myself. A spirit led me to do this. I am not a zombie.

I have this atrocity that sparked me… I guess I am curious what others think about it. It’s an illusion to something… If you don’t know it’s ok. Everyone has their calling. To rise and walk, finally.

What I saw happen, on the tv, caused me to react and produce this.

Over dramatic? Did I misunderstand, our First Lady?

So you see, I am invested, in this message. And will continue to expose this and that, as best I can, to satisfy my Spirit. You wanna collude to win?

Hearts across America… Lend me your eyes and inner ears.

I have this drafted mess to revise and republish. Only good for you if that image moved you. Made you feel something. Was it intentional?

Repositioned For Posterity

  • That’s a read-only link… Now you have options.
  • Become inspired to produce your own content – Send me a link.
  • Be moved to edit and add to the content – Request a editor link or copy and paste into your own document and send me a link.
  • Pass and move on… Spirit didn’t lead you. I hope you like and share a link, anyway. Maybe check out this link if you have questions: Barbed Arrows

My strategy is to plant seeds… You gotta till the ground or get smart about soil biology. I’m still doing market research about my prey. This sort of exercise might be rewarding. Find new inspirations and styles to expand our horizons. Just deciphering what someone else produced can be a profitable task. What were they trying to say. How can you say it different and preserve the original spirit of what they wrote?

Send me a message if your interested in this mess, we all need to be about fixing. The greater good, all the people, one by one, for all eternity. If nothing else, let’s leave more table scraps. Use every opportunity.

Write! Don’t sit silent. Look how easy it is to post it, in the public square.

Responsible Rhetoric… What is that? Who is responsible for the mess?

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