Rhinoplasty & Fat Extraction

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What would an animal look like if you breed a Elephant and Donkey together? This zoo has many animals we could consider marrying. Is the Elephant a foxy pig in disguise? Is the Donkey really a unicorn; or is that a snake poking out it’s head? Is this why we can’t talk to them? Unknown language? Where is Adam? He can talk sense to them.

How do we come to terms with the facts of our immediate past?

Levers of economics, wheels of justice and the general fleecing of all of us. See the scale of debt and interest. How much time does the clock say?

Is it just a civil haircut? What happened to my nose, chin and where is your head!

“Seems like they haven’t been trained, look at the blood on the ground.”

Homeless people wondering the streets. Call the police, don’t defund them, to care for the least among us. Grab them by the neck and make them work.

It has not been a fair playground. Corrupt little g’s. Devious and cunning. Not shrewd, in the real sense of the Word. They aren’t even subtle, anymore, about it. Embracing, even, the invisible hand that stirs us all up; out in the republic, for all to see. Down to You and little ole’ me.

Most are blind. You have to verbally explain, then brace for impact and an measurable outburst of self righteous persecution. Can’t find the devil in the details. Just give that spirit more money and honor and glory, give it all to them, some poor souls inheritance and bounty. Stolen before they were even born?

Those that have some thing to lose will not concede this for the fear of recoil. They’d rather get a gun and duel it out. Or continue to argue about this and that ambiguous ideas and schemes. For profit, it now seems. Missed the fact… Jesus would sacrifice His life. Or did they?

Is it possible to move forward without holding to account and still make it right? How do we use money to make recompense for life? Are we indebted, for what purpose? Pardon our mess.

Even gangster’s have a code for this matter. Ain’t written down either. Well in blood, it may be. If they can last so long in the shadows and end up, get’n out of the racket, white as snow… so can we.

Keep the plunder and the host your under… learn to live, well, your days in peace.

Everyday will be as good as another for all eternity. Love keeps no records, see?

You can take advantage, even abuse others, yourself. The sun sets and rises on all of us.

We can move forward… like sheep.

Or band together, rise up and be a rhinoceros. See? Donkey gets 2 horns… from the elephant. Both in the middle. A whole new creature, Through rhinoplasty.

What happens to the elephant? Tusks live on and the skin is repurposed? Meatier muscles and thicker bones now and no extra fat, to carry around.

Are the right headed for slaughter? Does a contrite heart fill with anger or hostility? Blaspheme? Get thrown back in the sea or the fire? Republicized, look’n for a new mate? For a whole new creature in the future. Maybe a dragon.

What spell or banner are you under? Does the Elephant get slaughtered; like a Pig? What happened to the Donkey, carrying Jesus? Did the ghost live?

Was there ever a Donkey? Was the Elephant a Pig once?

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