#BarbedArrows… are you a #RandiBow ? #WildHairyLovePromos

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Look’n for hearts to Love. To and Fro, ALL of Creation.

Have I searched you yet?

If we are the Will of God, to Jesus, left as inheritance, as His promised Bride; the body of Christ. Can we pray like Jesus? Hope like hell? Or even learn to do it better through Him for His sake? Does the Bible say Jesus was infallible or God, who He said was Love? Who do we pray to? The original question… We still argue about. I pray to Love, that Spirit, for Love to pour out itself, just to Love US ALL together. Love never fails… to please itself. Promise! However, you can call on Love, anytime you feel you need to. Rise and walk… Share in suffering and glory.

Good Luck, I Love You!

Come here, sit on my lap… Tell me what you hope for. And what to give others for Christmas this year, Love? 2020 or 6770?

Love Loves Love.

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